Our products are recommended for experienced model builders aged 14 and up.

Please take the time to read through any instructions before you start your build so as to ensure the best results.

Model building requires patience and although our manufacturers take great care in producing their kits the resin casting process inevitably means that there will often be parts that require sanding or other preparation before assembly. i.e. washing resin parts to remove releasing agents that will interfere with glues and paints.

If you encounter warped parts these can be corrected by bathing the part in warm (not boiling) water until it has softened, worked into the desired shape and then set with a bath of cold water.

Sometimes with resin kits casting bubbles can form in the mould which will need to be filled with putty and sanded. If you feel that a casting fault is beyond repair and requires a replacement part then please email us at sales@starshipsupplydepot.co.uk with a photo of the part in question.

We do not usually keep replacement parts in stock but we will contact the respective manufacturer for the part in question. Replacement parts usually arrive within 2-3 weeks.

All products listed by Starship Supply Depot are the responsibility of the relevant manufacturer.


All orders will be shipped via Royal Mail or Parcelforce respectively.

Insurance is not offered as standard so please be sure to select the correct shipping method when placing your order.


If you have ordered the item in error or wish to return your unused purcahse for some other reason then you must contact us within 15 days of the order having been placed. The buyer is responsible for return postage and the refund will be made available once the item has been safely received .


We do not collect or retain any information about you other than that which is required to process customer orders.

Any such information is used solely to contact you with updates to you order, delivery details or if there is an unforeseen issue with your order.

All payments are handled via PayPal, we do not hold any of your payment/credit card information directly other than that relayed to us by PayPal for confirmation and shipping purposes.

ALL OTHER ENQUIRIES TO sales@starshipsupplydepot.co.uk